Carpools are a great option for commuting, but what if you want to share a ride for a one-time trip? That’s where Get There’s Rideboard comes in.

Post your one-time trips to the Rideboard and connect with neighbors going your way.

Whether you want to share the ride to the mountain, the city, or the next state over, the Rideboard is your tool for finding and offering rides.

Using the Rideboard to share the ride is easy and free:

  1. Sign up or log in to Get There (or by clicking the Get There Tool button above).
  2. Click “Dashboard.”
  3. Find “Upcoming Rideboard Trips” on the right and click “View All.”
  4. Click “Post a Ride” and fill in the details.
    • Under “Trip Interest,” select “Passenger Only” if you are looking for a ride or “Driver Only” if you want to offer a ride.
    • If you’re flexible, select “Driver or Passenger.”
  5. If you find a trip match, send the user a message to connect.
    • Your message will be emailed to them and they can reply directly to your email address.

Check if there are posted rides: See if someone is already looking for a ride or offering one.

Help spread the word: The more people using Rideboard, the better it works!

Questions? Contact [email protected].

Additional Rideboard Resources:

For more instructions on how to use the rideboard, click here.

To share information about the Rideboard with neighbors and co-workers, download our English and/or Spanish digital flyer, or send them to this webpage.