Get There Oregon and partners across Oregon are ready to equip you with free resources, tools, and expert consultation to help you take your employee commute and work experience to the next level. Use the resources below to power up your employee experience, boost productivity, reduce costs, and recruit and retain top talent.

Equip your employees to use commute options, share the ride, track metrics, and more using Oregon’s free online Get There Connect tool accessible via mobile device and computer. Plus, employees can join challenges and local rewards programs (as available). 

Free employer networks can be set up with custom URLs and QR codes for employee use to track organizational metrics, conduct surveys, offer internal rewards, and hold challenges. Email us at [email protected] to set up your employer network. 

Learn more about Get There Connect features and free technical support services here. 

Check out the recorded training sessions below to learn more about using Oregon’s free commute planning, ridematching, metrics, and rewards tool, Get There Connect. Plus, access our Network Manager Toolkit that can guide you through using Get There Connect and its many great features.

Intro to Get There Connect

Take a tour and watch a demo of the Get There Connect management dashboard and learn ways to engage your network members and support them using the tool.

Get There Oregon’s partners can help employers access local resources and provide one-on-one consultation to create and grow employee commute programs. To get started, contact us at [email protected], and we will connect you with a local partner in your area.

Access employer guides and toolkits that provide strategies, tips, and insights on taking your employee commute and work experience to the next level here.

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