Get There by Bike!

Feel the wind in your hair, arrive with a smile, and enjoy the many benefits.

  • Improve your health: Have trouble fitting exercise into your daily schedule? Make it a part of your commute by biking to work!
  • Save money: Save money on costs like gas, vehicle wear and tear, and parking.
  • Help the environment: Biking emits ZERO CO2, reducing your carbon footprint as you commute to work.

You can get started biking to work with any kind of bike. Below are some tips for getting started, what you need besides a bike, and the top rules of the road in Oregon.

Tips & Best Practices

Getting Started:
  • Dust off your bike, or find the right one for you: If you need help fixing up your bicycle, or finding the right bike for you, try reaching out to a local bike shop – they are happy to help!
  • Find and practice your route: Use the Tools & Resources below to plan your route ahead of time. If you are trying a new commute, consider testing it out on a weekend so that you can get comfortable and gauge how long it will take with no time constraints.
  • Long commute? Couple your ride with the bus or train to speed up your trip, or try an e-bike! E-bikes can help you travel faster or farther.
Required Safety Equipment
  • Helmets: Oregon law requires all bicycle riders under the age of sixteen to wear a helmet. However, we recommend that bicycle riders of all ages wear helmets too!
  • Headlight and taillights: A front white light and a red rear light or reflector are required by law.
Top Rules of the Road
  • Ride with traffic: Always ride in a straight line and in the same direction as the traffic next to you.
  • Obey traffic signs and signals: Always come to a complete stop at solid red lights. In Oregon, you can treat stop signs and flashing red lights as yield signs.
  • Ride to the right or take the lane: In most traffic and road conditions, the law requires you to ride on the right side of the road. In some conditions it is best to ride closer to the center and “take the lane.” 

See the Oregon Bicyclist Manual for more on the rules of the road!

Tools & Resources

Local Bike Resources

Explore local bike commuting resources and services in your area. To find local bike share locations, use Get There Connect’s trip planning map.