Sit Back, Relax, & Share the Ride

Carpooling lets you take time back in your day by sharing the financial and mental load of your commute with others: 

  • Spend less: Carpooling coupled with taking turns driving allows you to spend half as much time driving and half as much money on maintenance — and that’s just with one other person! Imagine how much you’d save with a carpooling group of 3 or 4!
  • Sit back and relax: When you’re not driving it lets you focus on relaxing activities like reading, socializing with your fellow carpoolers, playing games, or enjoying some time decompressing from your work day.

Find a carpool partner with Get There Connect

  1. Sign up or login to Get There Connect 
  1. Go to your Dashboard and enter your commute details in the “My Trips” box 
  1. Click “Save” and see available carpool options 
  2. Click “Carpool” to see details about your carpool matches  
Coordinate a carpool

Now that you’ve found carpool matches, the next step is to message them and coordinate your trip. To message your carpool matches, click on the card for the carpool you’re interested in. Click “Connect” to write and send them a message (which will arrive in their email inbox). Your message history will also be stored here. 

Your message to the carpool owner will include your name and your email address.  If you’d like to include additional contact options, you can add that to your message. You’ll be notified via email when they respond. Once you and the carpool owner connect, you can work out the details of the trip. 

Visit this page for additional help.

Coordinate a carpool in-person using this carpool card in English or Spanish.

Tips for Starting Carpools

  • Meet up: Go for coffee or lunch with your potential carpool partner(s) prior to your first ride and make sure it’s a good fit. Trust your gut – if something makes you feel uncomfortable, consider finding a different carpool.
  • Set ground rules: Establish policies with your carpool partner(s). Have a conversation about music, food/drinks, smoking, conversations, etc.
  • Figure out logistics: Determine the route and schedule for the carpool, maximum wait times for being late, as well as any back up plans.
  • Determine the costs: Set cost-splitting expectations and a method for payment. This includes how costs will be shared and how often payments will be made. Consider using a cash app to make easy requests and transactions.
  • Establish communication lines: Exchange preferred contact information ahead of time. Make sure to get emergency contacts for each member of your carpool, just in case.
  • Make a schedule: Schedule driver days/weeks/months and stick to it.
  • Enjoy the ride!