Best Practices for Carpooling

When you find a potential carpool partner you don’t already know, it’s possible you’ll have questions about compatibility or personal safety. If you are concerned, we recommend you email or talk with your potential new carpooler(s). Talk about things like what radio stations play in the vehicle, if anyone is a smoker, or whether eating is allowed in the car. If you still have concerns, consider reviewing their social media sites, such as Facebook or LinkedIn profiles. Only you can decide what feels right to you.

What if I have a Concern about Safety?

If you have a concern that someone you are carpooling with is engaged in illegal activity, please contact your local police non-emergency line. If you have a concern that someone you are carpooling with is a poor driver, please use your discretion to determine if you wish to ride with them again. You may choose to offer to be the primary driver, or seek someone else to carpool with. If your concern is significant enough that you feel you need to report it, but it does not rise to level of illegal activity, you can email about your concerns and they will be noted in the complaint log. Individuals who receive more than 3 complaints may be excluded from using the carpool matching function of the tool. RideAmigos, ODOT, ODOT grantees and other entities promoting the Get There carpool matching tool are not liable for any injuries or property damage that may occur as a result of travel plans or carpool matching related to the use of this tool.