Shorten your Drive with a Park & Ride

Don’t live walking distance from a transit stop? Want an easy place to rendezvous with your carpool or vanpool? A Park & Ride may be the solution for you. 

What is a Park & Ride?

A Park & Ride is a parking lot where people who drive can conveniently park and access a wide range of transportation options such as public transit, bike share, or sharing a ride with a carpool or vanpool. Individual lots are owned and managed locally, and may provide features including ADA parking and electric vehicle charging stations. The number of spaces and other features in Oregon Park & Ride lots vary, but you can use Get There Connect to find details for each. All Park & Rides in Oregon are free, but be sure to check signs on-site for details on hours of operation and other policies.

Why would I use a Park & Ride?

There are many reasons and benefits to use a Park & Ride, including:

  • Access transit if you don’t live walking distance from a stop
  • Avoid a stressful drive along a congested route
  • Shorten your drive
  • Save money on gas 
  • Meet up with others to carpool or vanpool together

How do I find and use a Park & Ride?

You can use Get There Connect to find Park & Ride lots throughout Oregon. Find one that’s right for you:

  1. Plan a trip at and click “Let’s Go”
  2. On the map, you’ll see a black box in the upper right corner
  3. Make sure the eyeball symbol next to “Oregon: Park and Ride Lots” is not crossed out. Click it if it is.
  4. Click on the Park & Ride to learn more, including the number of parking spaces available, and the presences of ADA parking or electrical vehicle charging stations.
  5. Click through to local information about a lot as you plan your trip, as lots are owned and managed locally.

Tips for using a Park & Ride for the first time

  • Consider doing a drive-by (if you’re currently driving to work) around the time you would park at the Park & Ride. This will allow you to see if the Park & Ride fills up quickly, or has many open spaces.
  • Leave early the first time you’re going to use the Park & Ride to give yourself plenty of time to find a space and be ready to catch a bus or join a carpool/vanpool.
  • Be sure to take all valuables with you and lock your car.