Vanpools are a great option for commuters traveling longer distances.

Typical vanpools have 5 to 15 members and travel 20 miles or more between work and home. The costs are shared between the members, and participants may take on driving or coordination duties for a discount on their share of the costs. The most common vanpool arrangements are coordinated through public programs, or with third party vendors that provide services to employers or individual commuters.

Use the Get There tool to find an existing vanpool in Oregon, or check out the list below for links and information about vendors and public vanpool programs:


Public Vanpool Programs

  • Valley Vanpool oversees over 50 vanpools in the Willamette Valley, providing service and direct support to commuters.
  • C-TRAN provides vanpool services for trips beginning or ending in Washington state, including trips across the state line. They serve commuters traveling at least 10 miles in each direction and at least one end of the commute must begin or end in Clark or Yacolt counties.