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Visit the CDC website for information about COVID-19. Click here for information on making essential trips safely.

Prize Winners

Below are the winners of the statewide Oregon Get There Challenge prize drawings.


$1,000 Bike Friday folding bike gift cardMary C.Corvallis
$500 Visa gift cardAmy H.Portland
$500 Visa gift cardDanielle Y.Eugene
$250 Visa gift cardEric B.Bend
$250 Visa gift cardCourtney S.Hillsboro

Chrome Industries BagCaleb S.Bend
Chrome Industries BagTravis H.Vancouver
Chrome Industries BagAllen W.Ashland
Chrome Industries BagBrian G.Bend
$100 Black Star Bags Gift CardJohn B.Corvallis
$100 Black Star Bags Gift CardDaniel W.Bend
$100 Portland Design Works Gift CardMina K.Springfield
$50 Café Yumm Gift CardJohn W.Bend
$50 Café Yumm Gift CardMaureen S.Tualatin
$50 Café Yumm Gift CardEleanor H.Ashland
$50 Café Yumm Gift CardJenny W.Portland
$50 Café Yumm Gift CardEmma C.Bend
$100 Fred Meyer Gift CardSean S.Corvallis
Hydroflask Water BottleRobin K.Portland
Hydroflask Water BottleLauré B.Portland
Hydroflask Water BottleKen E.Eugene
Hydroflask Water BottleIngrid C.Stayton
Hydroflask Water BottleJustin K.Bend
Hydroflask Water BottleBreianna C.Klamath Falls
Hydroflask Water BottleMichael E.Portland
Hydroflask Water BottleNicholas S.Eugene
Hydroflask Water BottleJulie B.Bend
Hydroflask Water BottleRachel L.Portland
$25 TREW Gear Gift CardSabrina H.Portland
$20 Dutch Bros Gift CardNiani D.Portland
$20 Dutch Bros Gift CardAlan O.Ashland
$20 Dutch Bros Gift CardNathan I.Eugene
$20 Dutch Bros Gift CardKevin H.Bend
$20 Dutch Bros Gift CardJeremy B.Happy Valley
$20 Dutch Bros Gift CardRon R.Bend
$20 Dutch Bros Gift CardChristopher B.Portland
$20 Dutch Bros Gift CardRandy L.Junction City
$20 Dutch Bros Gift CardElliot L.Bend

Chrome Bag (backpack)Alyson L.Portland
Chrome Bag (backpack)Heather B.Eugene
Chrome Bag (messenger bag)Matthew W.Bend
$100 Black Star Bag Gift CardCas C.Eugene
$100 Black Star Bag Gift CardKelly S.Hood River
$100 Portland Design Works E-gift cardDale V.Ashland
$50 Café Yumm Gift CardSarah B.Bend
$50 Café Yumm Gift CardLisa M.Portland
$50 Café Yumm Gift CardDavid B.Corvallis
$50 Café Yumm Gift CardCarrie D.Klamath Falls
$50 Café Yumm Gift CardJustin H.Portland
$100 Fred Meyer Gift CardJoye F.Corvallis
$100 Fred Meyer Gift CardJulia C.Bend
Hydroflask Water BottleAmy B.Wilsonville
Hydroflask Water BottleNason M.Corvallis
Hydroflask Water BottleBuffie G.Bend
Hydroflask Water BottleTheo B.Hillsboro
Hydroflask Water BottleTori L.Ashland
Hydroflask Water BottleChrissy B.Lafayette
Hydroflask Water BottleTabitha H.Salem
Hydroflask Water BottleSue B.Tigard
Hydroflask Water BottleWilliam M.Salem
Hydroflask Water BottleJenni B.Hood River
$20 Dutch Bros Gift CardsMaryann S.Ashland
$20 Dutch Bros Gift CardsElizabeth O.Bend
$20 Dutch Bros Gift CardsChris W.Tigard
$20 Dutch Bros Gift CardsMalinda W.Bend
$20 Dutch Bros Gift CardsNathan A.Eugene
$20 Dutch Bros Gift CardsNelle N.Portland
$20 Dutch Bros Gift CardsTheo E.Eugene
$20 Dutch Bros Gift CardsAaron S.Hillsboro
$20 Dutch Bros Gift CardsAaron H.Bend

$1,000 Bike Friday Folding Bike Gift CardBrock B.Talent
$500 Visa Gift CardJenny G.Portland
$500 Visa Gift CardRenee W.Corvallis
$500 Visa Gift CardJacob S.Bend

$100 Columbia Gift CardChelsea J.Portland
$100 Black Star Bags Gift CardPhil J.Ashland
$100 Black Star Bags Gift CardMadi V.Eugene
Dutch Bros $20 Gift CardSusan P.Portland
Dutch Bros $20 Gift CardOisin C.Ashland
Dutch Bros $20 Gift CardRex O.Eugene
Dutch Bros $20 Gift CardSandi G.Portland
Dutch Bros $20 Gift CardAdria B.Monmouth
Dutch Bros $20 Gift CardAmanda L.Bend
Dutch Bros $20 Gift CardMarc D.Portland
Dutch Bros $20 Gift CardAdriana L.Eugene
Dutch Bros $20 Gift CardPoh Kheng L.Eugene
Dutch Bros $20 Gift CardMara K.Portland
Dakine Factor BackpackHallie H.Eugene
Dakine Factor BackpackKevin B.Bend
Dakine Factor BackpackSamantha T.Portland
Dakine Factor BackpackStephanie B.Eugene
Dakine Factor BackpackRegina P.Prineville
Dakine Factor BackpackAnneMarie H.Portland
Dakine Factor BackpackTony C.Eugene
Dakine Factor BackpackMeaghan M.Bend
Dakine Factor BackpackNoreen M.Bend
Dakine 101 BackpackDenise V.Eugene
16 oz Hydro FlaskMelissa T.Bend
16 oz Hydro FlaskPhil. S.Salem
TREW Gear KitNathan A.Eugene

 $200 Airbnb Gift CardAmy C.Portland
 $100 Black Star Bags Gift CardTricia A.Salem
$100 Black Star Bags Gift CardGwen R.Bend
 Columbia 55L Trail Elite BackpackChristina S.Portland
 Dutch Bros $20 Gift CardVicki F.Salem
 Dutch Bros $20 Gift CardMabel A.Bend
 Dutch Bros $20 Gift Cardphil J.Portland
 Dutch Bros $20 Gift CardPatrick S.Eugene
 Dutch Bros $20 Gift CardSean A.Bend
 Dutch Bros $20 Gift CardKimberly J.Portland
 Dutch Bros $20 Gift CardAllan B.Salem
 Dutch Bros $20 Gift CardScott G.Bend
 Dutch Bros $20 Gift CardRyan M.Portland
 Dutch Bros $20 Gift CardDavid S.Medford
Dakine Factor BackpackJeanie M.White City
Dakine Factor BackpackAnna D.Gresham
Dakine Factor BackpackMarne D.Eugene
Dakine Factor BackpackIrene D.Bend
Dakine Factor BackpackDarcyLake Oswego
Dakine Factor BackpackCary T.Eugene
Dakine Factor BackpackJessica S.Eugene
Dakine Factor BackpackTinaPortland
Dakine Factor BackpackAllan P.Salem
Dakine Factor BackpackDenise R.Bend
16 oz Hydro FlaskColleneBeaverton
16 oz Hydro FlaskJoanna M.Eugene
TREW Gear KitCrystal M.Redmond